Security through simplicity

Security through simplicity

Sometimes keeping things simple is safer than security through obscurity. For personal computing, I have cycled through Debian, BSD, and various UNIX systems as a distro-hopper. At some point in this journey, I was using LiveCDs and storing all my documents encrypted on external HDDs and in the cloud. This worked well, and I still keep those backups. However, LiveCDs became cumbersome with the repetitive steps I began taking after every reboot. I could tinker for months setting up my desktop. I spent about a month configuring QubesOS to work with Whonix just right, then it got boring, and I moved on. I’ve collected thousands of bookmarks, and RSS feeds but never return to visit them.

Lately, I have been enjoying using a new iPad Air and Bluetooth keyboard. It removes my tendency to tinker with settings and focus on creating and learning. iOS is relatively safe for my use case. However, I still have a separate device and iCloud account for all my banking and professional work.

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